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We now offer custom and/or a la carte dessert items for your special occasion!


French Macarons-$24

12 French Macarons. Various Flavors.

Cake Pops-$30.00

12 Cake Pops custom-made for your event.

Sugar Cookies-$48 +

12 Gourmet fresh-baked cookies are not overly sweet and have a delicious vanilla/almond flavor. Custom decorated, final price depending on the design

Regular Size Cupcakes-$42

12 Cupcakes-various flavor choices

Cakesicles Cake Pops-$24

4 cake pops-super moist

Many different colors, themes & sprinkles-various flavor choices, customized for your event.

Party/Favors French Macarons-$78

12 Boxes-24 Macarons

(Includes ribbon+Boxes+macarons, all assemble)

Mini Cheesecake-$22

12 Strawberry cheesecakes. Strawberries and Cream cheese, what a delightful combo.

Mini Cupcakes-$36

24 Mini cupcakes-various flavor choices

Mini Shooters-$38

12 mini shooters includes spoons.

Various flavor choices same as our signature cake flavors

Drizzled Rice Krispies-$18

24 Rice Krispy treats drizzled in rich milk chocolate or white chocolate. Custom colored to match your event.

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