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Hi, I am Carolina Schierholz, the owner and Chef of Sweet Carolina Cakes Studio.  I create trendy wedding cakes for couples in Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia and Maryland area. I have 14 years of professional expertise and a background in art and design. 

All my cakes are custom designed, so you can experience the legitimate luxury of having exactly what you want. I will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. 


From the first consultation to the delivery on your wedding day, I personally manage every detail. The core value of my business is quality versus quantity. I would rather make two extraordinary and exquisite cakes than five average ones! For the customer this means an exceptional quality that only an artisanal business can deliver besides a delectable menu that is constantly being refined.


How it all began...


Back when I was teenager and living in Central America, my mother had a friend called Martita and she used to bake delicious cakes. One day my mother told me that Martita was willing to teach me how to bake. I went to her house for a couple of afternoons and I learned some basic cake recipes, how to frost, how to make whip cream from scratch and how to make “Dulce de leche”. I loved it!

Many years went by. After I got my degree in Graphic Design, I married and moved to the United States.


My passion for cake design began when I read the book “Romantic Wedding Cakes”, by Kerry Vincent. I was impressed on how those beautiful fondant cakes were truly a piece of art. It was hard to believe that you could actually eat them too! After finishing the book, I decided to buy some fondant and start to practice. Because of my background in arts, I was in love with the 3D aspect of this new world I had just discovered.


While I was working as a graphic designer, I would occasionally bring my cake creations to my coworkers. One day our receptionist told me that they were organizing a farewell party for our HR person. She asked me if I could bake a cake and that the company was going to pay for it. That was my first PAID cake. After that, the orders just kept coming for occasions such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, etc. 


At that time, my husband had to work on the weekends and I wanted to find a hobby to keep me busy. Therefore, I embraced my love for baking and threw myself into the kitchen and into my rediscovered love for decorating cakes. I lost myself creating new recipes and perfecting my decorating skills. That is when I saw the opportunity to turn my hobby into a business.


In May 2006 Sweet Carolina was born. When I was a little girl, my dad used to sing to me “Sweet Caroline”, by Neil Diamond, so that inspired the name of my business. I later created a website and signed up to participate in a Bridal Show as a Vendor.

I no longer work as a Graphic Designer.As the saying goes, “When one door closes, another one opens…” God’s ways are amazing! He always awe me. 


Since then I have spent the last 14 years perfecting my decorating style and crafting flavor profiles. Each cake has blended soft colors, a modern edge and a romantic touch. 

I love the amazing feeling of watching my customers’ reactions when they see and taste their cakes. I also love the fact that, as the centerpiece of any special occasion, cakes can bring loved ones together to reminisce over memories and create new ones.


I feel lucky that this business found me. Making custom designed cakes gave me a great creative outlet and it has been life changing!

If you are you looking for an extraordinary and delicious cake for your special occasion then welcome to Sweet Carolina Cakes Studio!

You can contact me at Let's celebrate together! 

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